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Q. Do you still support Windows 7?

A. Microsoft itself no longer supports Windows 7. Like all companies, we recommend PC’s running our scanners are always up to latest service packs and supported operating systems to run our latest software. See here for details

Q. How can I set the time and date in my Scan! Scanner?

A. The Scan! does not have an internal clock. All scans to USB will default to a non-specific date. There is no way currently to adjust this.

Q. After installing the ISIS driver, it is showing as no scanner detected. it is working on scan works pro.

A. We no-longer support ISIS for the SC scanners, but the TWAIN driver is installed at the same time as the Utilities program, and available to use in other software's.

Q. My dongle doesn’t work with SmartWorks Pro with message saying “This software requires a dongle. The software will run in Demonstration Mode.”

A. The correct dongle is not being used. SmartWorks Pro will NOT open using an old ScanWorks or EZ Touch dongle.

Q. What is the minimum quantity of scans the SC models can perform before the need to replace the consumables?

A. This is an almost impossible question to answer. Every scanner will be totally different. There are too many variables to give an answer, does the scanner get used daily or weekly, used every minute, every hour, once a day, 100 times a day. Does it scan A0 or A4, 60grm paper, or Mylar, or other materials as well as far too many different working environment’s. It’s impossible to calculate the minimum number of scans a scanner will do before anything needs changing. The only thing we can give is a rough calculation of the ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ of the Glass and the Hold Up Rollers, as they will be the only things that will wear out through use. We’ve never changed belts for being worn out, and a lot of times distributors will change things without us ever knowing. They have stock of spares, and we don’t know if or when they are used. The Hold Up Roller has a MTBF average of 69000 hours, and the Glass has a MTBF average of 207000 hours, but we cannot give a guaranteed minimum scan quantity, as they just vary far too much.

Q. Every time I open SmartWorks Pro, it says it is opening for the first time and to be patient. This happens every time.

A. The Software needs to be installed and run for the first time as an Administrator to create the correct folders in the Application Data folder. After installation, if the message keeps appearing, right click the SmartWorks icon on the Desktop and ‘Run as Administrator’. After the ‘Please be patient’ message has appeared and the software finally opens, shut the software down again. The next time the software is open, it should open straight into SmartWorks without the same message appearing.

Q. I’m normalising my scanner against the Hold Up / Down Roller, and it is giving a very bad image, would my old, dirty roller be the cause?

A. Always use the provided normalisation target when running the calibration / normalisation on any Colortrac scanner, as the calibration sequence is designed to work against that. Lost targets should be replaced, part numbers and prices are in the appropriate Spares Catalogue.

Q. Are there Windows 8 drivers for my scanner?

A. Go to the appropriate scanner page to download the latest drivers / utilities. Older scanners might not be Windows 8 compatible.

Q. My Ci scanner started showing  ‘READY’  and  ‘0.0 mm’ on the scanner display panel.

A. Clean the glass and run the normalisation process. If this still does not solve the problem, run the Ci Set Parameters and reset the Main Board, remembering to first take a note of the motor speed, and re-enter it again afterwards. Run the normalisation and auto-stitch.

Q. What are the PC requirements for my scanner?

A. Go to http://www.colortrac.com/support/system_requirements/ for more information as to what is recommended to use.

Q. I want to scan a long document, approx. 30m, what software can I do this with?

A. If the customer wants to scan 30metres then they can use SmartWorksPRO and scan to tiff-uncompressed file format. The only limiting factor is file size. This needs to be kept below 4GB.

Example: 40" wide document RGB tiff-uncompressed 1200" long @ 200 dpi
3 x 40 x 1200 x 100 x 100 = 1.44GB.

If they are scanning to a compressed file format then length is limited to approx 65,000 lines

Example: 100dpi = max length of  650"
                200dpi = max length of 325"

Q.  SmartWorks software keeps loosing it’s settings after I have opened the lid to clean the glass on my Gx+ Scanner.

A. The lid cut off switch on the Ci and Gx+ is a safety feature. The scanner should be switched off prior to lifting the lid e.g. to clean the glass. If the software was open when the scanner was switched off this needs to be closed then opened. If the customer lifts the lid while the scanner is on (which will cut off the power to the scanner instantly) then both the software & scanner should be re-booted.  


Q. My SmartWorks EZ won’t scan more than 1.52m in length, every time I set it to 2m it still only creates 1.52m?

A. The SmartWorks EZ has a limited maximum scan length of 60 inches


Q. Where can I download the autostitch targets as a PDF to print out?

A. You cannot download the autostitch targets, they are only available as purchasable spares, see the appropriate Spares Catalogue for information of Part Numbers and Prices. There will never be any circumstance we will provide a PDF of a stitch target as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of a printed target, and a badly printed target could cause more problems than it solves.

Q. What do I clean the rollers with?

A. We recommend 90 - 99% Alcohol Saturated Wipes. Make sure to clean any excess alcohol off with a dry cloth afterwards. See video Scanner Cleaning for more details, cleaning is general for all Colortrac scanners.

Q.  How can I downgrade my scanner from an ‘E’ to either a ‘C’ or ‘M’?

A.  Colortrac scanners can NOT downgraded, Colortrac will never send out a file to downgrade a scanner, this is true for ALL Colortrac scanners.

Q. I could not connect via the Ethernet, although my USB is working correctly!

A.  Follow the ‘Ethernet Connectivity Diagnostics’ (link from the Home Page) and insure the Ethernet driver is installed.

Q. My scanner Upgrade will not run.

A.  First make sure the latest utilities program is installed from the Colortrac site, as the upgrade program uses some of the files installed with this program to run. If the latest utilities is installed, make sure you are using the upgrade file for the correct scanner.

Q. My Gx+ does not auto size correctly, do I change the Main Board?

A.  No, we have never found the Main Board to be at fault. The main cause of the failure on the older Gx+ (pre-2011) is the paper hold down pressing too hard on the glass causing the ‘Newton Ring Effect’, misleading the auto size when finding the edge of the media. To help with this, where it is a particular issue, use the white ‘paper hold down height adjustment’ buttons at either end of the glass in the upper position, this stops the roller pressing to hard on the glass. The Gx+2011 does not have the same issue, although when auto sizing in the side justified position, the media needs to be at the ‘0’ line to work correctly.

Q. My Gx+/Gx+2011 scanner goes completely black at some point in a scan?

A.  When scanning, at the point the scan go black, the LED boards are going off. Make sure the scanner has firmware version version 1.38 (or above) installed, as found on the colortrac site. If the problem continues, cover the front paper sensors to trick the scanner into scanning without any media inserted and carry out a long, full width scan. The area of the scan that now goes black should indicate the LED(s) that is/are causing the problem.

Q. My Ci scanner only displays ‘Initialise’ and never goes pass that message.

A.  If the scanner display stays with ‘initialise’ on the display without ever changing, then the only solution is to replace the main board. The main reason for this getting stuck in initialise is when the firmware is not allow to complete during downloading into the scanner. The firmware download sequence does commence with a warning that it must be allow to finish the process. There may be a small chance that it may be the ribbon cable from the main board to the control board being slightly loose, so worth checking first, but if all cables are connected properly, then change the main board.

Please check the colortrac.com/FAQ’s for more information